How to Enable Digital Channels in C530 Series (LA40C530)

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How to Enable Digital Channels in C530 Series (LA40C530)

Post by alpharugal »

I have SAMSUNG LA40C530 LCD TV which I bought about 12 years ago.

I installed IR Service Remote v 2.1 from Google Play Store on my Samsung S6 which has an infrared port.

I entered the service menu of my TV by sending info + factory from IR Service Remote

I do the following setting to enable the Digital Channels / Digital Tuner

Option -> Local Set -> EA_EastAsia
Tuner -> DRXKSEMCO (it was my default tuner)
Control -> Config Option -> Num of DTV -> 1

Turn off the tv and restart

Got to your channels tuning option and you will see both Analogue + Digital options

Set Digital scanning options to Full

now u can enjoy free digital channels

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Re: How to Enable Digital Channels in C530 Series (LA40C530)

Post by beatfreak »

you can switch on that option, but if your model doesnt have an acual digital tuner you wont find any channels thats if the tv even does the scan without crashing...
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