Navi-X porting ?

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Navi-X porting ?

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Since a few days I am thinking about a port of Navi-X
(hxxp://, a HIGHLY Successful content-aggregator available for
multiple platforms (XBMC, Boxee, PS3 Showtime) for My Samsung TV 46C750.

I am evaluating the possible ways of achieving that, both on the telly (Widget or
netplayer / nStreamPlayer scripts), and on the server side (as Navi-X is written in
Python, the TV will require some external help).

PLX lists are easy to process (e.g. hxxp://,
however the processor modules (the different site scrapers) will be harder to reuse.

I am simply looking for some hint on the best solutions to achieve the port and
even better for some technical cooperation.

Thank you very much in advance.

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