Finding and converting Elion IPTV app to C series

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Finding and converting Elion IPTV app to C series

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There is an IPTV app / software update that Estonian network operator Elion developed along with Samsung for new ES7000 and ES8000 TV's. This co-operation was announced 8 months ago: And here is the final version that was distributed to the Elion customers few months ago: Supported TV's download this app automatically from Samsung if tv region is set to "Estonia". Samsung states that from current production, only high end models are supported and that they are not planning to develop app for low level or older TV models. I have tried to search, but have not found the app in form of simple file.

However, app seems very good and using it would allow to use TV without digibox. Also this app will add IPTV as additional input for the TV - therefore, using it is really simple and also other younger / older family members can use it on daily basis.

My questions:
- does someone have access to the Elion IPTV app file?
- can somene try if it is possible to install this app to C series tv?


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Re: Finding and converting Elion IPTV app to C series

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Nice app, will be great if we have it on C-series.
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