Setup TV as USB remote host? Need some help.

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Setup TV as USB remote host? Need some help.

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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to SamyGo. As I connected my PC via HDMI to the TV, theres basically no need for customizations (or was).

HOWEVER, since I just bought an XBOX 360 Controller to play games on the big telly, I had an idea for an extension/patch/addon, whatever you might call it. It would be really nice to be able to connect my controller directly to the telly instead of the PC, which requires a long cable (ugh). The software to do so already exists as compilable source for linux devices.

The idea is to run an USB remote host on the TV, and connect to a PC via already existing network. This way you could just use the TV's USB ports as an extension of the USB ports on the computer.

As stated before, I'm pretty new to SamyGo, but I have some experience in hardware and software design, so it's just a matter of beeing possible or not (and time). I don't want to waste many hours on trying stuff out just to find that for some unknown reasons it's impossible to take control of the USB hub via software (a reason you guys might be aware of). My TV is a LE40C750 by the way.

Example for (open source) USB remote host software (NOT SAMYGO COMPATIBLE... yet):

So, what do you guys say? Would this be possible?

If so, I'd gladly contribute my future code (or whatever helps you guys out) to the community as an add-on style thing to install on hacked samys. Any help/ideas/tips appreciated.


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