vg-STC2000 in C8000

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vg-STC2000 in C8000

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anybody can confirm me if VG-STC2000 camera works in my old C8000 TV?

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Re: vg-STC2000 in C8000

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have you read this entire post?
zeqineja wrote:
zeqineja wrote:anyone using the samsung new STC2000 webcam with UExxC6700? I read some reports on older STC1100 working OK. I got a STC2000 but can't get it recognized by Skype on my UE40C6700 (set as C6800 to enable PVR). Upgraded firmware up to latest T-VALDEUC-3015.0, but it won't work. Any thought?
OK, here's the news: STC2000 definitely doesn't work on C series. Sent it back to Amazon, got a STC1100 that works perfectly!
If it doesn't work on C67xx it wont't work on C80xx and vice versa
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