Bricked UN55C8000, Need to replace the main board

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Bricked UN55C8000, Need to replace the main board

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Hi, I have a Samsung UN55C8000XFXZA and ran a firmware update through the menu. While the firmware was updating I accidentally turn of the power from the outlet switch and now the tv is not working properly. The menus are washed white and barely readable and most of the menu options do not work.

I called Samsung customer service and they told me that the main board needs to be replaced (BN94-02696B). Since my tv is not covered by warranty I would like to I order and replace the board myself?

My question is, is the new board preprogrammed with a firmware? Would simply swapping the new board with the old fix my tv?


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Re: Bricked UN55C8000, Need to replace the main board

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Sorry for delay, yes, you can easily make mainboard replacement by self.
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