MAX232 based cable -- wiki is wrong?

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MAX232 based cable -- wiki is wrong?

Post by sfmk »

Can anyone confirm that the wiki is wrong for C-series MAX232 based cable? ... BD_players mentions

"Build MAX232 based cable
Pin 4 at the VGA connector is RX (from the TV's point of view)
Pin 11 at the VGA connector is TX (from the TV's point of view)
Pin 5,6,7,8 and the case at the VGA connector are GND"

I think this is the cable's and NOT the TV's point of view.

The MAX232 used in has its driver on pin 9 which is connected to pin 11 of the VGA connector. So this should be the RX from the TV's point of view.

For all user like me who tries to connect a USB-Serial-TTL-converter according to this documentation probably solders the connector the wrong way.

Should the wiki be updated?

Regards, Sebastian

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Re: MAX232 based cable -- wiki is wrong?

Post by juusso »

Duno, share your experience here. Why don`t you just solder required pins instead of thinking what side it is? If you used oem VGA connector, you would see pins are marked from 1 to 15. always see what pinout is VGA male on TV you`re connecting to. And moreover do you know, that pinout of female at adapter side and pinout number of TV`s male side are identic! I mean 4 is connected to 4, 5 to 5 and 11 to 11 as result. If your cable won`t work, then you can easily swap rx and tx and check where is the problem. No? :)
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