Motherboard Part Number for UA46C6200

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Motherboard Part Number for UA46C6200

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Dear All,

I have the Samsung UA46C6200URX. I purchased this last year but after a power problem at my house the TV stopped working. I called a technician to look at it who went away with the TV motherboard as he said it was the problem. I cannot get hold of the technician to have to motherboard back so i can purchase the faulty unit or retrieve the part number.

I need help to be told the right Part Number for the motherboard for the Samsung UA46C6200URX 46 Inches and the Version number is SQ02.

If anyone owns the unit UA46C6200. Please tell me the part number for your motherboard so i can replace my one.

I will appreciate being pointed in the right direction on this. I tried Samsung support but they told me they could'nt locate the TV after giving them my serial number. I have been hunting this for a week now but no avail.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Motherboard Part Number for UA46C6200

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Mother board part number BN-940267 1G
if you need any help please write to my email

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