Use an SSD for PVR

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Use an SSD for PVR

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I hacked my UE40C6700 three years ago (using widget hack) and I also activated PVR.
For PVR, I need an external hard disk, where the recordings are stored.

First, I used an external 3,5" case with an external power supply. This didn't work very reliably, after some minutes of recordings the TV stopped recording with an error message ("Error on accessing HDD" or something like that).

Second, I used an external 2,5" case with a 2,5" Notebook HDD. This HDD gets its power from a Y-shape USB cable. One part of this Y is connected to the TV, the other part of the Y is connected to an external 5 Volts power supply. This works much better than the first approach, but still isn't very reliable. Error messages like "Error on accessing HDD" still occur, which is very annoying when you rely on your recording being recorded properly.

Third, I plan to replace the 2,5" HDD by an 2,5" SSD. Has anyone experience here? Does this work reliable?
I plan to use this external case: ... _EN_DB.pdf (This has no external power supply!)

Has anyone experience running PVR on an SSD?

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Re: AW: Use an SSD for PVR

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I have my former pc System ssd (intel 320 128GB) pluged into USB port for HDD (with1A)...
Works without any issues and without an additional power supply.
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