LN46C540: Change mainboard?

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LN46C540: Change mainboard?

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The Mainboard on my 46" C540 is dead and I want to know if a mainboard from a 40" C540 will work.

The Model Code of my TV is LN46C540F2FXZC, Version AA03

It's a unique model for Canadian Retailers Costco & Walmart so I'm having a really hard time finding a replacement board.

I've found a mainboard on ebay for a 40" LN40C540F2FXZC (No Version shown), but the mainboard part number is different and I want to know if it will work in my TV.

I've attached pictures of the mainboards from my TV and the listing on E-bay.

My TV mainboard:

ebay mainboard:

Does any one know if they would be compatible? OR how to find an alternative compatible mainboard

I've tried researching online, but most of the info is for European models and the North American sites I've found don't show compatible boards for my model.



Edit: Sorry, I just realised that I posted this in the hardware section, but wanted to post in the support section. Can a moderator move this to the support section?
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