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Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:44 pm
by JoostA
I wonder whether it is possible to use the (programmable) Samsung Touch remote (RMC30D1) to mimic a "service remote". It appears (as far as I have tried) it can be programmed to use a wide variety of electronics, incuding of course the Samsung TV's it was designed for in the first place.

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:46 pm
by frmys
I can conrfim that this method works on ES8000. I can get several additional settings inside
menus. EXPERT MODE is still grayed and i can not enter into.


By the way , i've only used INFO+FACTORY signal when the tv is ON.The ADVANCED MENU appeared on the screen.

When i send FACTORY+3SPEED signal , there is a red information on top of tv saying "T-ECPDEUC- 1xxx.x (firmware version ) 0:15:00 (looks like time but not the actual time when i enter SM" . It is blinking every 4 seconds. Also when i press volume up once , it was increasing 4 steps.


I have waited some time but nothing happened. Tv and remote control stopped responding and i had to unplug tv for power cut off. When tv boots up , again it goes into Service Menu and still i see that red blinking counting. Later it stopped somehow and i managed to shut down tv from remote control and tv started as usual.

When tv was in Service Menu, i have pressed four times to 0( Zero) which was the easiest way to enter Advanced SM menues in B series. The screen blinks once but no additional menu appears. I think Sams blocked 0000 Advanced SM menu method for C-D-E series but still some parts remain active

My aim to enter SM was to disable Contrast Dimming which really annoys me but i could not find it. I've also make service cable and entered Top Debug Menu but item 10. Factory Data , does not exist on the TDM either.

Please help and advice.


Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:24 pm
by frmys
I didnt want to edit according to my actual status and continue from my previous message. For people who might want to built IR remote control or have problems maybe these finding and advices can help

1. Try to buy 2-3 pcs. of IR leds from different manucacturers. I have tried with 10 (5 sets) and even claim that the leds are 940nm, only 1 works properly and 1 works hardly. These 2 , 1 working and 1 hardly working were from the same manufacturer. I think technical datasheets explains why one works or others does not. The IR leds have different mA and angle values , etc...

2. Shipment costs more money than the IR leds. If you do not think that you are lucky , order from the same shop but also buy leds from different manaucaturers with 940nm. Also be aware not to break the led's legs or buy +1pcs. for emergency.

3. If you do not have any soldering option , you can use cable clips and old stereo cables.

4. Test your IR transmitter with photo camera or mobile phone , webcam etc. Any device with a camera can show blinking IR leds if you have properly built it up.

5. Place your computer just infront of your tv. If you have a bad angle , you may not send codes properly. Also being too close or far from tv can effect code transmission. ( My problems in previous message was because of this)

6. You can use MUTE or INFO or PROGRAM_UP code first to test your IR transmitter. If result is succesfull , you can use other for entering Service Menu

7. You can play the wav codes with any media player software but be sure that you do not use any equalizer or sound is maximized or not. You can select to "loop the played file" if you see that there is no responce from tv but you see with a camera that the IR transmitter is working. only problem in this case is it several times send the codes, when the advanced menu is unlocked , stop playing the wav codes

8. The recorded combo wav codes such as INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER are just working fine but if you can send the codes properly , make a play list on your media player software and try to send in this way.

9. If you can not send some parts of the IR codes , such as my case you can see a red blinking numbers on top of your tv. Try to send Factory+3Speed again and properly.

10. Info+Factory is not enough to unlock hidden advanced menu. My previous message is not correct , somehow i have sended codes partly and from playlist or loop has opened advanced menu. While tv is on Info+Factory can open service menu in 2 seconds, you can easily notice that the tv goes the dinamic picture mode from your personal tv settings. After SM is popped up on the screen send Factory+3Speed for unlocking advanced menu options.

11. Please always keep a fully charged digital photo camera and make 3-4 of all menu photos before you change something. Do not use flash from camera becasue you will not be able to read the Service menu Values. You can have hands shaked and blury-unreadable photos so always make 3-4 photos of all main and sub menues. Also from original tv remote , press Source and choose something like a ext or pc which you can get a black background when you shoot the photos. Otherwise your tv channel viev may mass up or make your settings to be not better readable.

12. When you enter service menu , please be very very patient. Never hurry or do not change anything untill you have the photo of the orginal value

13. If you can unlock Expert settings , please share how you make this.

14. In B series , Factory Reset and EEPROM reset can erease all personal settings and Samsung resudual files and make the tv almost as clean as the first day. For E series please someone confirm this can be safely appiled or not??. Do not try this until this is clearly confirmed by someone. Never erease NVram or do not press Calibrate on WB settings. NEVER!

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:08 pm
by jimmyriddler
Whoever figured this out is an absolute genius! Worked perfectly, could not get it to work with a laptop, but just plugged it into the jack of my Galaxy S2, turned up the volume and worked like a charm! I've recently moved from NZ to the UK and bought my 2 TV's with me viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3827 but the country code was still set to NZ so the guide was all out of whack and the ITV player app etc wouldn't show up, and since they've stopped rucommunicator from working with the latest firmware I was stuck until this came up! Now all the UK apps show up. You guys are awesome!!

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:47 pm
by frmys
For ES6700, just with INFO+FACTORY you can unlock advanced settings . Factory+3Speed is not needed it only makes red blinking numbers on top of tv and returns back to service menu . Expert settings can not be accessed. If you press 0000 ( 4 times zero) you can have 2 new greyed manues Picture_2D and Picture_3D but also not accessable.


Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:40 pm
by vAgo
I can send the wave using a laptop on a UE40EH5000 I would like to locate in Italian?

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:55 am
by juusso

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:35 pm
by yousif666
I have ES5600 and i want to show the advanced settings in service menu, i have galaxy note 2 so if i did the DIY remote and use it with irdroid will i get the settings to work? i mean not grayed out?

because all i am seeking for is to disable auto dimming.

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:29 pm
by glewarne
Registered here to report my sucess on this!

I have a UK PS51E530 which does not have an ethernet support, or WiFi networking enabled

I built the LED transmitter from the LEDs in two identical old remotes i had, and using my netbook was sucessfully able to send the FACTORY+3SPEED codes to unlock the extended service menu.

I have been able to turn 24p_x4 on,enabling cinema-smooth, and enable network support for external WiFi, and have disabled eco sensor support.

There are also options to enable "Relax" mode (works) and "Natural" mode (didnt do anything). Changing the model number is now possible, but completely worthless as Networking, CinemaSmooth and other features can be enabled seperately in other places in the menu, unlike on last years "D" series

Many thanks to everyone involved for the super genius - super simple idea, flippin' brilliant :D

Re: [DYI] Remote Control emulator: send custom IR codes

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:35 am
by juusso
djstevie wrote: I've got the same model. Did you notice if there were any options to disable auto dimming? Im suffering from the famous auto dimming issue and its driving me nuts. Did the cinema smooth option make any difference in 24p mode?
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