Rooting of BD-E8900

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.
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Rooting of BD-E8900

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Hello there I am new to this awesome forum.

I just bought a Samsung BD-E8900 Bluray Receiver Recorder whatever combo.
Now I just want to be able to transfer the recordings from the BD Player off of the
TV onto my PC.
I searched the forum for ways and found that rooting it and using the SamyGo App
should allow me to FTP onto the receiver.
My Device is sadly running the version: 001020 eg. the latest firmware. I bought it
that way used from somebody off the internet, so don't hate on me.

I tried the tutorial from this topic. But my SamyGO App doesn't seem to be appearing.

Can somebody confirm that that way of rooting works on the newest firmware, or
is there any way to hack the system on its current firmware?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance! :)

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