Rooting confusion and failure...

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.
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Rooting confusion and failure...

Post by SoundAdikt »

Hi everyone, I have a STB-E7900M PVR. This is categorised as an E-Series model and dates from 2012

As far as I can tell, it is the same as a E Series BluRay player but without the BluRay support, ie. it has SmartHub (running v1020) and storage. I've tried following the ES rooting instructions to by installing the Test2 app and placing the files on a USB stick - ... _ES-series The app installs, it displays the white screen and lists a load of device info but shows MountPath (not MountPatch) as sdb1 (not sda1) and running the web browser does not allow me to nc or ftp into the device. Reading this forum, I'm wondering if DNS and uploading patched firmware is the only other way of doing this. I'm worried I might brick my STB given this model is not listed anywhere.

I want to run so I can decrypt the video files using

Thoughts/suggestions/help appreciated.

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Re: Rooting confusion and failure...

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DNS trick is a history already. Does not work. So this means there are no options for you ATM.
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