BD-D7000 service manual

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.

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Re: BD-D7000 service manual

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I tested more then a year ago a 4 port usb hub( with no external supply) with inserted: 1stick 4Gb ,1stick 16Gb and an apple keyboard ...all at same time and work ...of course keyboard worked without any effect :lol:
So best(safe)way is to install the usb hub inside the player with a 32 Gb stick inserted for good and the external front usb connector rewired from hub(cutting original links and soldering wires from hub...)
Anyway if internal usb can handle a hub with wi-fi and a 32Gb stick .... will be nice....
Also intersting page 61
Sata0 AND Sata1 !!!
....and JTAG connections
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Re: BD-D7000 service manual

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sbav1 wrote:Which processor? There are at least seven CPU cores (various architectures) embeded in this thing.
What ever is running the bootloader and/or kernel...

I'm asking so that we can find the exact boot configurations, but perhaps from a similar processor/board.
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Re: BD-D7000 service manual

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Yet another service manual (with detailed schematic diagrams) for Firenze-based 2011 player: ... nload.html.

This one with Sanyo standby/front micom (5V VCC !!!).

On page 40 there is a procedure for "Buyer-Region Code Setting Method" described; it's not clear to me if it does apply for changing player region (???), DVD region, BD region, or perhaps all of the above - ?

Deck/loader adjustment (page 44) RC code 235878 apparently works for other Firenze-based 2011 models too (warning - this is possibly dangerous option). However, it doesn't seem to do anything actually useful for my 2 units with non-working loaders..
Btw, RC code for deck adjustment check/verification given it this particular manual is incorrect; I think it should be: 235879.

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