d6510 bootloop

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d6510 bootloop

Post by warlock87 »

Hello everybody,
I hope it's the right section,
I have a problem with a tv model eu46d6510, it restarts continuously, when it tries to turn on it restarts, I have tried all the power supplies and they are correct,
I tried the LEDs and they are all perfectly functional,
I tried the eeprom 24512 by reading it with ch341a, backup done, compared with the one found online and they are the same,
the only doubt that sorce me is the emmc, (nand)
I wanted to write the firmware but I can't find it, if someone has the emmc bin can kindly send it to me thanks,
the tv mounts mainboard BN41.01587E, BN94-50150H,
I can't find anything online,
i also have arduino uno (no ethernet) to try to read motherboard data,
but I don't find a dedicated guide,
who can give me a hand

thank you all

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Re: d6510 bootloop

Post by dcnigma »

Did you try to change things in the hidden feature menu?
I got a boot loop and logo was upside down, what fixed it was do a eeprom reset.

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