Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

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Re: Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

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Hi! Where can I find out what my series is? I have a TV model UE49MU6300UXCE. Thx!

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Re: Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

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merilix wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:35 pm
Why make it easy when you can make it hard?

When you need the encryption key for 20111109131508.srf, just look at offset 8 within 20111109131508.mdb.
Its there :)

just change source of drmdecrypt.c to read drm_key from mdb file:
// try .mdb
if((outputfp = fopen(outfile, "rb"))){
fseek(outputfp, 8, SEEK_SET);
for (j = 0; j<0x10; j++)
// read each byte separately because of different byte order
fread(&drm_key[(j&0xc)+(3-(j&3))], sizeof(unsigned char), 1, outputfp);
} else {
printf("Cannot open %s key file\n", outfile);
return 0;

This way you can decrypt your recordings even if you don't have full SamyGo access to the TV where they are recorded.
I have a Samsung TV UHDUE40KU6472.
I recorded something in a HDD drive NTFS formated from TV and found everything in CONTENT folder inside of HDD. There are few files, among them a .srf and a .mdb perfectly readable in my PC. I try read between topics and get lost. I arrived here somehow and reading this I was happy thinking it will be easy.
I try DRMDecrypt_x64, DRMDecrypt_Win32 from the last which include even the code from up and having also .mdb file I have got the .ts file with conversion OK using both, but always .ts file is not recognized by any player. I tried VLC or media player. :(
I was thinking having that .mdb file no need the key. Can I convert and make playable the .ts file with DRMDecrypt as is described up?
It's no clear for me how to get that key. Do I need the key?

Thanks in advance
Samsung UHDUE40KU6472

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Re: Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

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You need root AND key :)
I do NOT support "latest fw" at ALL. If you have one you should block updates on router and wait for it to STOP being "latest":)
If you want me to help you please paste FULL log(s) to "spoiler"/"code" bbcodes or provide link(s) to pasted file(s) on Otherwise "NO HELP"!!!
If you want root DISABLE internet access to your device!!!!

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Re: Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

Post by usiolud »

Is it possible to get .key file from the TV without rooting it?
For example by copying drmdecrypt files on the usb flash drive and somehow run it without root?
I have .cip .inf .mdb .srf .ss but no .key file. I saw in this topic J series doesn't require to root so today I spent whole day to try but still not working :(
I have UE50J6240 and I'm trying to decrypt files. I already used drmdecrypt from command line, I tried also dstroi without connecting to TV but opening .srf files from the harddrive (pendrive formated in NTFS and I'm able to see files on windows)
and both programs created .ts file but cannot be opened by any file converter.
My daughter wants to see the cartoons recorded but I'm not able to show it :(
could someone please help me?

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Re: Samsung PVR Content Decrypting tool - final

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I have the same Issuewith recordings from a 8k Samsung Series GQ75Q950TSTXZG
decrypting tool obvoiously doenst work anymore with newer recordings :-)

I copied the DRMDecrypt_Win32.exe and DRMDecrypt_x64.exe inclluding the src directory in the same directory where all files (*.mdb, *.srf, *.cip,*.mta, *.srs, *.tm, etc.) from disk drive have been copied.
Then dragged an *.srf file onto and dropped on on of the executables of DRMDecrypt_xxx.exe

Decrytion starts but result *.ts file cannot be played in vLC Player

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