Welp I THINK I need help :/

Here is information about customize your D series firmware..:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER questions or problems but DEVELOPER.
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Welp I THINK I need help :/

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I just discovered this community after searching google for a problem my tv had. (maybe a few years too late )

I`ve been reading this forum.. wiki and multiple other link regarding installing samygo on my tv.

First my spec :

So if I understand correctly, I have that Mstar processor tv.

What I've been trying yet :

First Step I took was Installing the samy go widget ( wiki )
I was like.. wow this is easy! How can I fail?.. The installation went well and the widget did appears. I clicked on it.. and it quitted back to the smarthub..
After few other research I came to the conclusion that my firmware was to recent to make samygo work. Seems like I have a "restrictive" firmware.
I tryed to downgrade using the DNS method.. this again appears to be too easy! Set it up on a few different adressed I found through the forum and the internet. I had a few errors Like 606.. Software not ready.. etc.. To finally find that this method is "no longer supported".

I've checked the service menu for the few thing that could bug me out. That oln settings.. reseting the OLN.. etc.. again no luck anywhere..

So for me on my tv is there ANYWAYS I could downgrade the firmware or make samygo work correctly? If I just find a 1019 firmware and put it on USB key will it work?

I know this community seems to be pretty inactive.. but Im trying my luck loll ;)

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