D series rooting (arm cpu architecture only)

Here is information about customize your D series firmware..:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER questions or problems but DEVELOPER.
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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by crandor2 »

thank you juuso

It's ok for me after re-sync, and I now have the virtual usb is mounted.

I guess he must defend somewhere unpn server address, I do not know how. I dig


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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by giannis1010 »

juuso wrote:Ok, guys, who have problems like freezing/rebooting, try to re-synchronize widget again from server, disable watchdog in Service menu.

My problem solved too with resync widget?thanks

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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by mrmrmrmr »

thanks for offering help.

my TV is UE55D7000 with software version 001013
Strange issue. If you have ExLink, log could help to understand what`s wrong.

As always, we recommend to set watchdog to off in service menu.
what is ExLink ?
I turned off watchdog now. What difference will it make ? Should I check anything else ?
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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by juusso »

I can just suggest you to read wiki article for NFS PVR recording and also related forum article.

Scripts and principles of setting up for C and D series are same.
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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by nobody »

How to execute samygo app at tv poweron?

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Re: D series rooting. Open!

Post by Denny »

EricT wrote: When I try the url /phpsysinfo/file.php and push the button, I've got a screen with this :
File Line Command Message
52 include(class..inc.php) specified sensor programm is not supported
If i go back to the previous page, I have something with all the files.
have this also in final release, in initial stage, i did not saw this error.
nobody wrote:How to execute samygo app at tv poweron?
take look my posts in this thread related to Ticker!
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