Error Codes for UE40D5520

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Error Codes for UE40D5520

Post by alltvrepairs »

I have this LED in for repair with flashing standby LED. It cycles 2-2-2-2-2-steady ... rhythm. Any body has some info regarding this fault, Ideally I would be grateful for a service manual for this or very similar model.

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Re: Error Codes for UE40D5520

Post by robotard »

BUMP - Also after a service manual for this model

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Re: Error Codes for UE40D5520

Post by Nickstvrepair »

Samsung does not have any sort of blinking error code. Blinking error codes are usually only found on Sharp and Panasonic products.
With these newer models you can easily identify if this is a powersupply/LED failure or if it is a T-con/main board failure.
When the main board is disconnected from the power supply board, the power supply goes into an auto turn on mode and will automatically turn on the LED's in the set. If you disconnect the cable going from the power supply to the main board, you should in theory get the LED's to turn on automatically. If they do, then you know you might have a bad main board or a bad T-con. If the backlight does not turn on, then you have a faulty power supply or faulty LED strip.
If you find out that your lights turn on, then the next step if to check the T-con board.
Connect the power supply back into the main board after disconnecting it from power, and disconnect the LVDS ribbon cable going between the main board and the T-con board. Then go ahead and plug the set back to power and try to turn it on. If you are able to turn the set on and off, then you know you have an issue with your T-con board or panel. If your issue persists and the IR sensor light just keeps blinking, then you have a bad main board.
If you have a bad main board, and access to a multimeter, we can troubleshoot your board further to a component level and find out what is wrong with it.
Good luck

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Re: Error Codes for UE40D5520

Post by Isobel »

I have the same problem but when I disconnected the power board from the main board the led lights come on could this be a capacitor problem. My model number is UN50JU6500F it's a Samsung Smart tv plz help visit myprepaidcenter

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