Samsung SmartTV DEAD

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Samsung SmartTV DEAD

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:lol: Samsung SmartTV model: UN40D5500RG type: UN40D5500 died, she calls on the logo screen and off as stated in the attached document.
I thought of using the FFB to roll back / downgrade but does not support this model and if I understand right how the FFB it is an application accessed via USB for use with TV on (if not so please correct), but in summary the TV turns on and does not leave the logo screen and then off repeating endlessly, for me it features dead TV, it may be firmware corrupted so wanted to use the FFB to rewrite the firmware without changing the IC1302 component of card or NAND memory FLASH if it is not defective, but not because the TV does not turn on.
There's the question, rollback now only with another approach, as an application for PC (personal computer) connected by USB cable to the TV, if not as I will roll back to try to resurrect the TV, if not what do you recommend me to do to resurrect the TV here.
It is worth looking at the document that I found on the net.
Thank you all for your patience.
If you want more info on the TV and the problem ask if I am able to clarify we get the solution of the problem.
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Re: Samsung SmartTV DEAD

Post by Nickstvrepair »

Your problem is not the software, but the chip itself needs to be replaced.
If you use a can of compressed air and flip it up side down while spraying the chip, you will freeze it and it should allow the tv to turn on for a short period of time. If you are able to do so, it will confirm that indeed your issue is coming from that nand chip.

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