UE40D5707 Bootloop?

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UE40D5707 Bootloop?

Post by M0n0in3D »

Hi, New kid on the block here.
Hopefully I'm playing by the forum rules...

Anyway, I received a malfunctioning UE40D5707 today and the bootloop is similiar that described in the forum and other sites, except I do not get Samsung Smart logo.
It goes straight to TV and says "no channels, start searching?" and shuts down after few seconds and goes on again.
This happens when I plug the power cable and continues until I unplug it.
Now, I do not have remote for this tv atm, but I'll probably get one in my hands tomorrow.

I tested resetting eeprom few times, still the same problem. maybe i just did it wrong?¨
I found out that some one suggested freezing the ic chip and upgrading the firmware.
Also I found out that someone fixed similiar issue by throwing the mainboard to freezer.
Those two options sound funny since the chip wont get hot or even warn, cpu wrms a nit but not much more than my fingers.

I see that there are some solutions here on the forum, but to be honest, I need some help with this.
And if possible, in finnish, thanks.

So as far as I see my options are finding a new mainboard or new chip?
I see that ebay has both of them.
I can desolder old chip and solder new chip, that is not a problem, but i just want to be sure what are the options until i throw any money towards the tv.

I have no skills or equipment at hand to reprogram the chip.

I'm glad if anyone can help me.

BTW, you got great forum and tons of information in the wiki, thanks for anyone who spent their time on those.
The wiki got me interested about lot of new things, in case i could fix this tv.

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Re: UE40D5707 Bootloop?

Post by midzovic »

Hello. I am owner of Samsung TV UE40D5700 for few years and I had this issue several times which always repeated.
Problem is bad NAND chip that stores TV's software and only replacing it with reprogrammed new chip (or new mainboard) can fix this boot loop problem.
Unfortunately, the chip itself is bad from the factory, believe me, I've been replacing it about 5 times.
What boders me most is that if somehow smart feature could be disabled, this issue wouldn't happen, since tv fails to load that software, while channels are still normally stored and everything else is working.

I wonder if someone has found permanent or more durable solution for this... I am thinking if we can use other mainboard model that fits for this tv.

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