Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

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Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by Cyclops »

Hello every one,

About a year ago, i had a LAN party with friends and came to the conclusion, that it would be fantastic to
play games in the now so called Dual View mod. I had just bought a new Samsung 46D8000 TV with the option to play
3D movies. Before i bought the TV i got interested in the different 3D technologies that are out there and came to the conclusion
that it had to be possible to use de 3D manual mode in regulare splitscreen mode gaming to overlay them. Just like playing half SBS movies in 3D mode.

I did a test where i started up a game in split screen mode and pushed the button manual 3D mode.
this produced an overlayed image, from in this case a left and richt picture. But when i used my 3D glasses (3100) and closed one eye i was able to filter out just the one image. there was only one problem now. you had to play games with one eye closed. BUMMER!!! Because i had school and work i wasn't able to dedicate myself to this problem. but after i lost my job in Feb. i had the time to investigate the problem.

After puzzeling with the electronics i did find out that the problem was kind of easy. You just have to copy the signal from one glas left or right to the other one and cut of the 3D option by using a double pole switch. I now turned the 3D glasses in a filtered glasses where you only watch the left of right image. Doing the same with the extra pare of glasses but then coping the opposite glas i was able to play games in DUAL VIEW with a friend ;) An extra advantage, by pushing the double pole switch back again. I had back my 3D glasses like nothing happend.

electronics board
samsung 1.JPG

placing switch
samsung 3.JPG

new wiring
samsung 4.JPG

splitscreen gaming in 3D mode
samsung 7.JPG

Watching in filtered glas mode ( double pole switch on)
samsung 8.JPG

Thats all for now!!!

for more info please watch my youtube channel.

PS offcause i ment to say 3DTV bluetooth models not blueray models. Sorry for my bad english will look a that another day!!!
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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by arris69 »

great job :D

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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by erdem_ua »

Very good hack.

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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by bibloks »

Thank you this is great!

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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by E3V3A »

Very nice! This should go on the Wiki!!
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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by divx118 »

Hi, thanks for the tip I did convert my Samsung SSG-P5100 3D glasses. However I just put in two wires and not add that extra switch. I didn't have enough room for that. It just was a pain to take them apart. There are three little screws but the two plastic halves are glued together. So I took a very sharp knife to get a start and then used my finger nails to pry them apart.
The 5100 glasses aren't very expensive. I just ordered some for 15,75 euro a piece.


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Re: Dual View Gaming with samsung 3100 glasses

Post by mtriper »


I had 4 3d glasses laying around and converted two of them for dual play! My kid is having a blast playing full screen now!

BTW I used the wires from a IDE cable which are very thin and did not go with the switches since I NEVER watch 3D anyway.

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