46D7000LGX Compatible mainboard? What does LGX mean

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46D7000LGX Compatible mainboard? What does LGX mean

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Hi guys I just been witched by lot's of problems with this tv. it's a model bought in chile. I had the hdmi ports blown out my fault cause of a discharge on AC. The set kept on working. At the same time before that happened sometimes the board clicked and turned off.. then on randomly.
This started happening more frequently when the electricity went off.. set was off.and then came back again.. turned on and then off randomly.. till it continued to work without any probs. But couple days ago electricity went down , turned on the tv and started doing the clicking thing.. then didn't turn on anymore, I just hear the relay click that's all.
I suspect it's the power supply cause I unplugged the power supply from the mainboard and backlights don't come on at all. I re did some solders which might have been cold joints. Again nothing . No bulged caps but I don't have a meter to check for ESR.

The mainboard compatibility I asked is cause I want to maybe order a new mainboard so I restore the hdmi ports I haven't found this mainboard which is a chile model I don't care the tv tuner at all , that's why I wanted to know if a 46D7000LFX mainboard should work part BN94-04355J . My board says BN94-05226H I need someone to help me out , I think the only difference is the tvtuner or does the eeprom change?

Anyways I hope you can help me out , I'm without tv now.

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