UE46D8000 Ethernet multi-function Interface Not Working

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UE46D8000 Ethernet multi-function Interface Not Working

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Hi Guys,

first of all thank you all for taking care of this awesome site.

I am trying to build Ethernet multi-function Interface to connect to my UE46D8000 serial console via VGA port. I followed the instructions on this site, but unfortunately it is not working.
I built this Arduino+Ethernet Shield+VGA cable:

Sending IR codes is working, but serial console not. The cables are soldered correctly and resistors are 100ohm as written in the instructions. Putty is receiving just random mix of bytes if i connect RX to random metal surface. I am more of a software guy and i am unable to locate problem which is, as i presume, hardware.

I hope i didnt miss anything important.

Thank you for your time

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