CI+ CAM stopped working with UE40D6510

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CI+ CAM stopped working with UE40D6510

Post by Difio »

Hi, I've a problem with my TV and I hope someone could help me in fixing it.

I used to watch pay TV with my TV through a Samsung CAM HD module for years. Yesterday, however, I realized that my TV wasn't recognizing the CAM module anymore (got signal scrambled on pay TV channels and in the menu->system->common interface was gray). At first I thought that simply the CAM module has broken, however when I tried on others TVs it worked. So, something has happened to the TV itself.

I've starting searching the net for a solution and found forums where it were said that this is a typical problem of the entire "D" series of samsung TVs. For some reason, when using a CAM CI+ module, the TV could not recognized it anymore at any time (it will not be initialized it at boot and so on). The strange thing with this problem is that if we use another CAM CI+ module it works without problem, but as before it would stop working some day, months or years. They said that this is some sort of hardware bug, but I can't image what sort of hardware problem would cause this issue. If the CAM controller get broken it would simply don't work with every CAM inside, the fact that TV "remembers" some way the module used and that for some reason could not use anymore it sounds me as a software problem.
I've tried also the diagnostic to check CAM interface (Mute - 2 - 4 - 7 - EXIT), but it past the test. I've tried factory resetting and so on, but nothing to do.

Now, I don't know if there is a solution or simply I've to live with it, maybe there are some configuration files that the TV saves in the internal memory that got corrupted with time making specific CAM non usable anymore? Anyone knows something about that? I was thinking that, if this files exist, erasing them would cause TV to see the CAM interface as "new", making it working again, until it would stop (and so, require another erase process).

Hope you could help, thanks.

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Re: CI+ CAM stopped working with UE40D6510

Post by gchirtoaca »

Same problem here, LE37B653T5P model, second module not recognized in 7 years. I had to request a replacement CAM module. B series is not even supported by Samsung for CI+, that's what the service told me.
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Re: CI+ CAM stopped working with UE40D6510

Post by pali2704 »

Same thing happened to me a few days ago (UE37D6000). The CI menu is greyed out. I tried the CAM with another TV and it works just fine. Can't find a solution anywhere online...

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