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Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:31 am
by frmys
For the people who contacts their local (their own country )Samsung Customer Care /Support ,

Please prepare a common letter as a draft that there is no " open door" left for Samsung for not to admit that their tv has a defect . Samsung advertises and sells these tvs as 1080 pix but can not perform this resolution on D6 series. Your email can be good and sufficient for a man who has 1 cell in his brain to understand the problem , but when your email has some missing information Samsung gives stupid/nonsence replies to your claim ( think that all others in this planet is a fool but they are smart , perfect , flawless .... ) and tries to escape through that door.

In your email you probably state that " i have D6 tv and i have made some tests and the tv is not capable of 1080". For this argument , Samsung gives answers as
1. Are you sure that your source is 1080 ? Try other video/photo sources
2. How you make the test ? Try different test methods and tv hdmi ports
3. Samsung tv is 1080 , you are wrong anyhow

So in order to not to get the same answers you must define the problem more specifical and precise. For example, if you state that you have tried "ABC 3D Bluray Disc" than they will say that try other disc , your disc can be defected or try other films. If you say that you have Euro version of bluray , they will reply " try US version" if you state that you have tested with "DEF Brand Bluray Player" they will claim that brand or model is making resolution reduction and Samsung will want you to use other brand/models . If you say that you have tried 10 alternatives , the answer will be "try 11th".

I hope i could explain what i mean . Clearly state that you do not accept any blames to source and your test method and you want Samsung to test and reply. Also write that " you do not want a company who is giving nonsence answers/solutions like an answering machine. Force Samsung support not to " sit on the chair and make blames and guesses " , many times say to them " try/test and see the result". When they give you nonsence answers , you also kindly/politely insult them " how you can know my problem problem and be very sure about it "sitting on the chair" and without making any test , are you fortune teller?" . Bother Samsung until you get a logical and acceptable answer like " Yes we are aware of this problem on D6 series and trying to fix this issue". Than bother again when the fix will be completed or you will use your right from laws.

Maybe it will be good that someone prepares a test pic with a text written on it " I am not a fool , this tv is not 1080 and you can not cheat me" , " Only blinds can not see the resolution drop in this photo" and send the source+result photos to Samsung. Also force Samsung to test that pics and see their defect in resolution. Not funny but even write this test text in Braille alphabet ! In case they admit that they are blind and do not see any resolution drop down (never leave an escape door).


Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:09 am
by mordusy
ive just sent samsung another e-mail still awaiting reply,

i even went into my local store and tried the test pics on all the 6 series samsungs in store all the same result. The store manager even though he could clearly see the problem said he cant do anything about it untill samsung hold there hands up to the problem. The 7 series was perfect as was the 8.

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:47 pm
by julianbb
Hmm ,in translation mean... only hdcp encrypted content ?
Hdcp keys are in ....display panel...
Thats mean 6 series 3d tv display full Hd 3D only "MPAA" content ?

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:56 pm
by julianbb
so what about content from a 3d camera from let's say...Samsung ?
Sorry ...they forgot to build-it