samba mount

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samba mount

Post by muck2009 »

hi , i need help
my tv is ue 6500 and i have install the rootin app like wiki ftp work but it don t show me my samba mounts

/ Mtd_down/widget/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d/04_04_samba.init i have open it with winscp and change

and i cread on i enpty usbstick fat 32 one file

but on Virtual USB is only found upnp not smb

in my livingroom i have i le b650 samygo and samba mount works perfect

please help

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Re: samba mount

Post by borath »

I am facing the almost same problem. Did you solve it?
I have a UE32D6000 that dont mount samba shares and i have a b750 that works like a charm
Samsung LE40B750 T-CHL7DEUC 2004.1 - SAMBA works like charme

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