D to E series plasma conversion?

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D to E series plasma conversion?

Post by prairie »

Has anyone looked at possible mainboard or mainboard+logic board swaps to convert a D-series to E-series plasma? It looks like most of the differences between the 2 are processor upgrades and the addition of an "upgrade module" possibility. If the panel driver boards are the same maybe this is possible.
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Re: D to E series plasma conversion?

Post by juusso »

hehe, good approach to upgrade TV. From some experience it is possible upgrade:
B550 -> B650
C5xx-> C65x
D6xxx ->D65xx

But i haven`t heard anyone has success in upgrading from lower series to higher. Only chance is if you know someone from samsung`s service who could help you to compare/ test boards.
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Re: D to E series plasma conversion?

Post by firtzbrau »

PSxxD4x0 to PSxxE4x0 is impossible because of the differences between panels.
D series have 1365x768 panels and E series have 1024x768 ones. I even tried to change the resolution setting jumper on the mainboard ( XGA / WXGA ) but no joy.
Plus there are no efficient setting in the service menu

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