Where is the 1GB content library?

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Where is the 1GB content library?

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Samsung promises in it's advertisement that Samsung TVs provide 1GB (some models 2GB) space to be used for media files and other content. But if you go into the content library, there are only 189 MB to be used. For the media player, there is another 150 MB.

If you login with telnet and check the size of all partitions, you see that the total memory including the system partitions is 650 MB - not more. There are also no hidden partitions that are not mounted.

Does Samsung fool their clients? If so, in many countries the clients may return their TVs and have a claim to get back their money because it is like a contract with wrong conditions (up to 2 years after you bought it in Germany).

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Re: Where is the 1GB content library?

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Maybe this is why they provide the manual on a USB drive in some countries! How big is the drive supplied?

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