WIS12ABGNX on UE40B7000

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WIS12ABGNX on UE40B7000

Post by aistis »

Hello all

So I did a funny thing: moved this old guy to my bedroom and been lazy to pass a network cable. Then went ahead and bought a Samsung wifi dongle without reading much. As expected, it didn't work, since it's too new for it :-)

I went ahead and compiled an rt3572sta driver after faffing around for a day or two with armv6 toolchain. Managed to load this module via telnet and am able to scan for access points using iwlist. But that's about it, at this point TV doesn't acknowledge wifi dongle presence in any way and doesn't list any wifi devices via menu.

So I played more.. got T-CHU7DEUC-3000_G firmware today, patched (hoping to get SamyGO.sh to launch on restart), created SamyGO.sh. Idea is to get my module loaded on restart and wifi card automatically configured.

There are few issues though:

- the following in the SamyGO.sh doesn't seem to be called:

Code: Select all

/sbin/rmmod rt2870sta
/sbin/rmmod rt73

/sbin/insmod /mtd_wiselink/driver/rt3572sta.ko
sleep 10
ifconfig ra0 up

- and I don't know how to get udhcpc to configure the card
=> telnetd does start, perhaps gets called from some other place?

It would be great to get that SamyGO.sh script to start automatically, but I don't know what to do, to hook it to AP. I've been trying to play with these commands:

iwpriv ra0 set NetworkType=Infra
iwpriv ra0 set AuthMode=WPA2PSK
iwpriv ra0 set EncrypType=AES
iwpriv ra0 set SSID="my AP sid"
iwpriv ra0 set WPAPSK="my AP password"

but "udhcpc -i ra0 -T 5 -t 12 -b" still gives "no lease" :-(

Thoughts? Should I pursue making it working or just get a cheap dongle and dump this one? :)

Oh, and I wasn't able to to "strip" the kernel module. Unstripped works fine, stripped gives an error.


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Re: WIS12ABGNX on UE40B7000

Post by juusso »

about striping, you have to use strip -g. Did you?
AFAIK cheap dongle is what solves your problems. 10Euro is quite cheap to get working dongle.
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Re: WIS12ABGNX on UE40B7000

Post by Cristin761 »

Thanks for sharing.

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