where to get mainboard B650

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where to get mainboard B650

Post by sekiller »

MY LEB650 TV died just recently, according to the Samsung service centre, it needs replacement of mainboard fow whooping 170Eur, which I'm not really willing to spend, given the age of the TV.
Any idea if a new MB can be bought somewhere? Is there anything else to do with the TV besides dumping it to trash. Seems kind of waste, as the panel and rest of the TV is still in working condition.
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Re: where to get mainboard B650

Post by juusso »

http://euroservice2000.abc24.pl/default ... pro=742626

You can find there also other mainboards for your model. Panel size doesn`t matter, for you should be ok mainboards from 32-46 inc.
Also check if m/b is from CI or CI+ model, but if this is not important for you - doesn`t matter which one you will order.

Mainboards are available also on e-bay, shopjimmy (maybe this one?) and so on.
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