D-Link DWA-140 + UE55B7000WW = no wireless connection proble

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D-Link DWA-140 + UE55B7000WW = no wireless connection proble

Post by JaCh0o »

Im new here or forum and also new in hacking tv environment. To be honest ive made this topic becouse i dont know what to do now and maybe it will help some people who are in simillar position as i. Ive read some topics here, on some italian (?) forum and also on wiki related to this forum. All the links wich were helpful ill add on the end of this post.

Target: Establish wireless connection beetwen Samsung UE55B7000WW and any router.

Current state: WiFi Dongle recognized as Samsung Wireless Dongle by TV, doesnt show any wireless access point.

- WiFi Dongle: D-Link DWA-140 H/W Ver: B3 F/W Ver: 2.0
- TV: Samsung UE55B7000WW F/W Ver: T-CHU7DEUC 3002.1
- Router: Asus RT-N66U or Samsung Note 10.1 Android Hotspot or any other
- PC: Windows 7 x64 and Backtrack 5 Linux x64 (Im linux newbie)

My dongle is not listed on SamyGo Wiki, but ive found on other topic that someone reached the target with this dongle (with B3 hardware) wich means Ralink rt5370sta.
Ive done the Hardware Way posted on Wiki with drivers downloaded from MediaTek (old Ralink) site (ive downloaded RT8070 /RT3070 /RT3370 /RT5370 /RT5372 USB driver), and changed from USB ID 2001:3c15 (D-Link vendor and product id) to 04E8:2018 (Samsung ids, maybe first is second correct me if im wrong). The point is that TV recognise this dongle as genuine Samsung., but does not show any AP.

Linux commands:
Everything was done to change D-Link Dongle into Samsung one.
Everything was done on root user without sudo commands (i know i shoudnt that on root, but i dont know how to make another user :oops: ).
Dongle wasnt working when i pluged it in under linux, there was none wlan0 neither ra0.
(Please correct if i done something wrong):

Check D-Link Dongle (lsusb)
Downloaded driver - RT8070 /RT3070 /RT3370 /RT5370 /RT5372 USB
Unpacked driver (tar -jxvf )
Get inside (cd)
Make install
Check is there exist any active driver (lsmod | grep rt) - there was none
Install driver (insmod os/linux/rt5370sta.ko)
Run Ralink dongle (ifconfig ra0 up)
Check does current driver rt5370 operate e2p command (iwpriv ra0)
Change VendorID - VID (iwpriv ra0 e2p 208=04E8 )
Change ProductID - PID (iwpriv ra0 e2p 20A=2018 )
Check changed VID (iwpriv ra0 e2p 0208 ) - answer:
ra0 e2p:

Check changed PID (iwpriv ra0 e2p 020a ) - answer:
ra0 e2p:

Check Samsung Dongle (lsusb)

Next steps:
By now ive read some about SamyGo Apps and injecting non-Samsung wifi drivers to TV.
As far as i know i need to downgrade TV from 3002.1 to 3000.0 first by FFB 0.8 (Cl version)(or Cl+ ?? Wich version is this TV ??)
Then install in some magical way SamyGo Firmware Patcher. (??)
Then install bin file with new drivers - wireless-mod-rt5370.app.bin (??)
Theres a topic about it but i dont understand how to get this work. (??)
Then set is as permanent to make my TV works always with this dongle. (??)

Shouldnt it work by now ? Is it really nessesary to do next steps ? Did i something wrong and thats why its not showing any wifi networks ?
If anyone can lead me or even tell me, am i going in good direction ? Any ideas ?
Or maybe u could explain me next steps, becouse wiki info is difficault to understand.

UPDATE #1 30-07-2013:
Downgraded TV firmware to 3000.0 with instructions from FFB 0.8 Cl Version topic.
Still TV doesnt see any network (open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 with TKIP or AES)

UPDATE #2 07-08-2013:
Thread is out of date, becouse ive changed this wifi dongle to camptible one.

Links related to this problem:
SamyGo Wiki about Non-Samsung Dongles
http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Using_ ... p.2Fdriver
Topic about working DWA-140 B3
Topic about working DWA-140 B3 - MIRROR
FFB 0.8 (Cl version) - Program wich i wont to use to downgrade TV fw
Topic with instructions how to change VID and PID
SamyGo Wiki about app WiFi Drivers wich may be nessesery to get this working
http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Conten ... Fi_drivers
SamyGo Wiki about installing SamyGo Apps and Patcher (messy for me)
Raling - MediaTek driver site (need to put email and name to download)
http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_download ... php?sn=501
Wiki about D-Link DWA-140 B3
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Re: D-Link DWA-140 + UE55B7000WW = no wireless connection pr

Post by juusso »

Can be dongle on rt5370 chip is not supported by B series TV. No matter which vid and pid. check for supported dongles list.
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Re: D-Link DWA-140 + UE55B7000WW = no wireless connection pr

Post by JaCh0o »

juuso wrote:Can be dongle on rt5370 chip is not supported by B series TV. No matter which vid and pid. check for supported dongles list.
Checked but still someone done it.

UPDATE 07-08-2013:
Thread is out of date, because i`ve changed this wifi dongle to compatible one.

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