LE19B650 / LE22B650 - warning for buyers

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LE19B650 / LE22B650 - warning for buyers

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Some days ago, I have seen Samsung LE22B650 in MediaMarkt store. It has DVB-T/C tuner, many connectors, but:
- no LAN, no Widgets, no DLNA, no WiFi
- no USB, no MediaPlay
- no FULL-HD
- no 100Hz
- no Content Library
- only one HDMI
- maybe other things removed
And the most important: is has different firmware (T-CRLPEUHC), so SamyGO fixes will not work on this model.

Just wanted to warn people potentially interested in buying B650 models. Don't buy 19" or 22" screens. Better buy 32" or bigger screens and you will be able to patch your firmware with SamyGO.

I must add: ...or buy this model if SamyGO is not important for you or if you don't have enough money for better TV.

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