[LE37B651] Audio ouptput lag

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[LE37B651] Audio ouptput lag

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My tv is linked to an hifi amplifier, as many of yours i suppose. Did someone notice the lag for the audio ouptut between external speakers and internal ones ? And therefore the lag between external audio output and image ?
Is there a way to correct that ?

[edit] Sorry, i just saw that the "Service Menu" chapter of the Samygo wiki solve this problem... I will try

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Re: [LE37B651] Audio ouptput lag

Post by erdem_ua »

You welcome.
I don't have an external sound system, If you donate me one (like Z5500) than I will dig about your problem :lol:
Or you can use free SamyGO Wiki for solution.
I advice you to use Digital Photo cam for take picture after change some settings. You can mistakenly change a setting in this menu and results might be catastrophic. :)

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