Samsung C24FG73 Service port, could anyone help me?

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Samsung C24FG73 Service port, could anyone help me?

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There's 3 x C24FG73 monitor setup on my desk. I need to mount them to the wall, because the stands take all of free space on the desk,
but unfortunetly this model has a jog on the back, so hard to reach it (and when I try it, I accidentally reposition the monitors themselfs).

It has "Service" jack connector, so the best solution should an external switch to power them on/off, and change the input (2xHDMI, DP).
I had not found any description about the IO, so I tried 3.3V UART on 9600 and 115200, but no luck. I sent the 0x08,0x22,0x00,0x00,0x00,
0x00,0xD6 (and others too) for testing, but only read one byte 0x00, and the monitor did nothing.

Could anyone help me by answer my questions?

1. What are the voltage levels / connection protocol for the service connector?
2. What commands I can use for change power change / change input sources?

Thank you!

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