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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by nbd »

Hello, I just want to say thank you for the 'SamyGO_DCA' app.

I just recorded one movie using PVR+ (thanks for that app too btw!) and the stream had Dolby Digital track. TV's original player was not able to play that back. I got only silence. Video was ok.
After running samygo_dca, TV's player chose automatically the DD 5.1 audio track and my receiver recognized the DD stream.

\o/ Thanks!

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by erdem_ua »

Hi damialok3,
I don't think if you need recompile DCA app.
You can also try to run it via Telnet, using GDB trick.

I don't know why your GAME directory working. Do you cross-check what you made? Might be it's related with firmware.
In PS series, that hack working. You needed to try things by yourself. Try to copy that application to OTHERS directory from Telnet...

Also if you run that application, it needed to generate debug files at /dtv directory. At least DCA 0.2 make this. Could you look that files to understand what the real problem is...

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by sorcerer1 »

damialok3, you can also try SamyApp which contains DCA v0.3. Set LOG=1 in app.ini and then see app.log.

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by juusso »

Try use SamyApp 0.1. It has DCA0.3 as module and works fine.
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