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Samsung LE46B750 (LEB750U1WXXH): Official firmware update trouble

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:06 am
by olspookishmagus

Having trouble upgrading to the latest available official firmware for a Samsung LE46B750, LEB750U1WXXH). I did however manage to upgrade to the previous available firmware.

I decided to upgrade the TV's firmware because it wouldn't play all mp4 video files. I didn't do any deep research as to codecs used for which files are playable and which are non-playable.

From Samsung's support for that particular model here:
there are two available firmwares, named: T-CHL7DEUC_3000.2_Step1 and T-CHL7DEUC_3001.1_Step2.

Upgrading to the first was completed successfully but it seems not possible with the second one.

I'm requesting your help on this matter as to what could be the cause.

Here I present the contents of both firmware upgrade bundles.


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