Changing VID/PID for rt73 wifi usb dongle

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Changing VID/PID for rt73 wifi usb dongle

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I'm trying to use my wifi usb dongle with Samsung TV Series B (UE40B7000WW).
Dongle's Model and H/W Version: D-Link Wireless G DWA-110, Ver. A1 (uses RaLink RT 2571w chip compatible with rt73).

According to "Hardware Hack", after changing the dongle's PID/VID values (07d1:3c07 -> 04E8:2018) Samsung TV should recognize it as original.
For hacking dongles, all you need is plug the dongle to your linux computer and issue this commands.
# iwpriv ra0 e2p 208=04E8
# iwpriv ra0 e2p 20A=2018
It's what the instruction says. But now I'm stuck with re-compiling dongle's rt73 source driver and making it support e2p flashing.

I'll describe the process step by step (under Ubuntu 9.04 which uses 2.6.28 kernel, compatible with the following rt73 source driver).

1. Download and extract rt73 source driver (from here ... .3.tar.bz2)

2. Navigate to the "Module" directory, and with root privileges, compile

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	# sudo make
3. Load compiled module into the system

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	# sudo insmod rt73.ko
4. Insert stick to usb-port and bring the interface up

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	# sudo ifconfig rausb0 up
5. Finally trying to change stick's VID, but get an error:

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	# sudo iwpriv rausb0 e2p 208=04E8
	Invalid command: e2p
I need your help with this issue since I'm not good at Linux.
So, what should be else done to make it support e2p flashing?

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