[How to] install SamyGO on Le32B653T2P

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Re: [How to] install SamyGO on Le32B653T2P

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Hi there. I have a LE40B651T3P with the need to keep out some files from an hard disk with NTFS readable only from samsung TVs (and not from any PC with Linux, Windows 7 or any recovery data software).

I was able to use telnet to move files from the two USBs of my TV but dye to the limitation that I has files >2Gb it was not possible copy them in the other HD because NTFS is read only in the stock firmware, EXT2 and 3 are not implemented and my TV does not support XFS

I would to confirm that this procedure to install the firmware 2006.0 works perfectly. I was in the same condition with the stock firmware 2007 upgraded 2008.2.
So I needed to revert to the stock firmware with the SamyGO Telnet Enabler Trojan described here
http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Forced ... r_firmware

and then following the instructions provided by VIBER3K (thanks a lot).

Than I was able to install the FTP (http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Conten ... FTP_Server) and it was possible to extract the files from my hard disk.

:) ;)

I don't know why a wiki was not done for this method because it is really the solution for LE-B650owners

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Re: [How to] install SamyGO on Le32B653T2P

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for ntfs you can use ntfs-3g module.

for wiki page - perhaps you have some free time and are ready to fill this gap as you already finished these steeps? :)
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