MKV play problem LE37B650 Europe

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Re: MKV play problem LE37B650 Europe

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sunnyday2 wrote:
steve-austin wrote:we must to rebuild the mkv with mkvmerge 4.0.0 and not a new version.
You might use later versions of mkvmerge if you change the following setting:
File/options --> check "Disable header removal compression for audio and video tracks by default"
Thnx so much for telling this! Works fine so far! :D

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Re: MKV play problem LE37B650 Europe

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erdem_ua wrote:No, I don't think if there is a patch soon. Also don't wait anything from Samsung...
Don't know actually but using alternative ffmpeg library could solve problem. Might be SmartSmurf could include such a patch with DTS pass-through release.

so any news about this?
maybe is possible to get libraries from an newer firmware of new tvs and make a patched one for B series?

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