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Re: Record TV over USB

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sico_pata wrote:I have a question about REC in Virtual USB (via Wifi)
Sorry, I didn't test VUSB yet. For network-recording I use CIFS on TV with shared directory mounted to /mtd_wiselink/MOVIE001. Then it can record without problems but there are some problems with refreshing that directory contents on MadiaPlay. Now I don't have much time to test VUSB. Maybe someone could answer you faster.

You can find and delete your recording using telnet or FTP. Look in read-write partitions only (/mtd_down, /mtd_rwarea, /mtd_wiselink, /mtd_tlib,...) If something is recorded it should be visible. MediaPlay may not display all recorded files - this is known issue.

For your searching for good path it would be better to set the same directory in PVR_DIR1 and PVR_DIR2 parameters of geopvr.ini. You must restart geoPVR after changing configuration. Configuration is loaded on initialization stage only.

And... I FOUND A BUG in PVR_DIR1 and PVR_DIR2 parameters in source code. For today, please set the same value to both. Please use only one recording directory. It will be corrected in next version of geoPVR.

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Re: Record TV over USB

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black-byte wrote:geo650
I just now noticed in your archives do not have the source files.
It is well conceived?
You plan to man up archive source files? Or it is not GPL?
I wrote about it. This in only preview version. I am going to release full package soon. Please be patient. Source code will be included.

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Re: Record TV over USB

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pas5 wrote:I have coppied the geoPVR 0v5 to my internal TV memory and starting it over Content Games.[...]
It is configured (both paths) to record to my USB Dongle.

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But all I get as the output is a 0 bytes file(s).
The date is set to something like 01.01.1980, but I still do not have the "NTP client service".

What am I doing wrong?

Wrong date is obvious since your system doesn't know the correct UTC time.
Destination path looks good. There can be 2 reasons:
- you're recording from the source other than DVB
- your pendrive is too slow or there is no free space on it.
Test PVR application first, then test geoPVR, because I don't know if this is the problem of geoPVR or PVR in general.
jantjeh wrote:I have a 37B652 LCD TV with CI+ cam.
Did I understand it allright that GeoPVR doesn't work with CI+ ?
I have tried the program but when I start recording to a usb-stick, the tv-picture get frozen.
GeoPVR is based on PVR. All TV's working with PVR application should also work with geoPVR. I suppose it works with T-CHL7DEUC firmwares. Read first pages of this thread to ensure.
sirjohn771103 wrote:GeoPVR works on LE32B679 too.

Problem: record only 4:3 in SD!!! :(
Many channels come with original 16:9, some like 16:9 but in 4:3 letterbox.

In HD works on 16:9 and 4:3, too.
16:9 is 16:9, 4:3 is 4:3! :)
But only with HD channels!

Sound is a bit delay. Why?
Can U fix it?

Need schedule for recordings! It's useable!
Please do it for us! Please!

I don't understand the record locking (5x stop). ???
How can I open the lock without restart the TV?
Sound delay is known bug corrected in geoPVR 0.6 to be released soon. GeoPVR (or PVR) stores DVB stream to the file. It cannot change picture ratio. The problem lays in player, not recorder. Picture ratio depends on TV station. I don't think it depends on resolution (HD/SD). There are several methods on encoding the picture. I advice you to use ARFix2 to view recorded clips right way.
Schedule recording: not now, maybe (maybe and maybe) later. Or maybe by somebody else, after releasing source code by me (soon).
BTW, one missing software function for scheduled recording is turning inverter off and muting.

Record key locking is made to protect your TV from kids or accidental pressing of REC key. Note that single press is used to activate recording process. In geoPVR 0.5 you cannot unlock REC key until restart but I am going to add unlocking function as well.

TO EVERYONE: Please don't ask the same questions on forum and on private messages. If you don't know where to ask, then ask on forum. Thank you. All your questions are helpful for me, too.

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