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Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:13 pm
by erdem_ua
In theory, It's possible. But need to implement such a thing with a program. Also I don't thing this could be run friendly with exeDSP.
You needed to some study on Chelsea chip and needed to implement some recording program.

Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:04 pm
by erdem_ua
If you learn onArsenal (SDP84) and Chelsea (SDP83) chip, It's worth to rewrite that exeDSP utility from scratch, which is at my mind.
So than we have ultimate control over HW.

Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:03 pm
by sbav1
hini7 wrote:I've found code into the exeDSP for such thing and satellite stuff too (of course if no satellite hardware... it will not work ;) )

So in theory it will be not too much work but it have to be studied to know exactly the efforts.

Indeed, there are some subroutines in exeDSP that may be of interest..
As well, I noticed two possibly relevant options in debug menu (I mean "TOP Debug Menu", accessible through serial console / ExLink cable)

i.e .: TOP Debug Menu -> 11 : TD Debug -> 0x04 : spI Debug

66 : Stream Record
67 : Stream Record Stop
68 : Shell

Select> 66
Input Record File Name : /dtv/usb/smb/
> Video Pid: 0x80
input is 0x80
> Audio Pid: 0x80
input is 0x80
> PcrPid: 0x80
input is 0x80
__ REC FILE OPEN (/dtv/usb/smb/, ffffffff)

Select> 67
PVR Record Instance stop complete

Tv was asking me to enter record file name, and then three parameters: Video Pid, Audio Pid and PcrPid. I suppose those are for DVB-T/DVB-S stream record. I am unable to test those options any further, because there are no DVB-T broadcasts in my location just yet.

I have LE37B650 with T-CHL7DEUC v.2005 firmware.

Warning: apparently there are many dangerously low-level options in debug menu, so better be careful.
Also, it seems that debug flags, debug levels etc. are stored in EEPROM, not in RAM; power-off/reboot sequence is not enough to restore default settings.

Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:47 pm
by erdem_ua
Things gonna hot baby! :)
THanks for the information.
I will test it from my DVB-C :)

SamyGO Chan Edit Could help us here. There is Spid (Audio/Sound ID), pid(program id) and Vpid(VideoID) values at channels.

So If I wanted to record KANAL D, than

Code: Select all

Select> 66
Input Record File Name : /dtv/usb/smb/
> Video Pid: 0x65
input is 0x65
> Audio Pid: 0x04B2
input is 0x04B2
> PcrPid: 0x1FA5
input is 0x1FA5
I wish this works. If it working, we can code a PVR application. There is already a "record" button on remote too :)
I think make good choice with buying LE40B650. It breaks price/value records :)

Edit: I tried this setting and it looks working!!! Captures could playable by VLC player!
Happy PVRing :)

Edit 2: Video Pid, Audio Pid and PcrPid that we enter is looks not like Video Channels pids. Might be they are Transcode stream ID's (resulting file) or they could be values for TV's that has 2 tuners in it.
Ps: Stream starts capturing null if you change channel while capturing.

Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:01 pm
by erdem_ua
hushrecordz wrote:Erdem... Are you saying you were able to record a channel to a file in a network share?

If so then it's really amazing! It's a great feature to have :)
You understand right. :)
So needed to inspect exeDSP program and needed to make application that makes "record" button at remote working. :D

Re: Record TV over USB

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:04 pm
by geo650
Great work!
Just one question: how to enter Top Debug Menu?
I have ex-link cable and RS232 terminal connected, then what?
I am going to test it as well :)

Edit: Please forgive me, I have found it: "...enter '1198282' numbers twice instead of debug string..."
...but it doesn't work (???) and TOP Debug Menu is not displayed at all. I type 11982821198282 - is it correct?
Model: LE50B650T2W.