UE32B7090WP which FW is better 2004.0 or 3000.0

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UE32B7090WP which FW is better 2004.0 or 3000.0

Post by merecumbe »

I just downgraded with success from 'bad' FW 3001.1 to 2004.0 with the help of SamyGO Wiki using the
'Alternative-Firmware'-approach. PVR+ 3.0 works :-) big thanks!!

Now my first question: Should I upgrade to (unpatched) FW 3000.0 or should I stay with FW 2004.0?
What are the differences between 2004.0 and 3000.0 ?

And one more question: I can record from DVB-T and play recorded .ts streams with MEDIA.P
Only problem is that the movie-size does not fit to the horizontal size of the TV.
The movie is too 'narrow'.
Is there a simple solution for this? There seem to be several tools for 'aspect-ratio' problems.
Which one should I try?

Found the answer to the second question. "Aspect Ratio 2" solves the problem.


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Re: UE32B7090WP which FW is better 2004.0 or 3000.0

Post by juusso »

If you don`t have any problems, then you don`t need to upgrade.
Have questions? Read SamyGO Wiki, Search on forum first!
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