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So I just moved to a new place and have an antenna (going from cable). I have tried the volume - and then holding the enter button for 10+ seconds. I got no where, nothing popped up or anything.

I have a LN46B750 running downgraded firmware (T-CHEAUSC-1012.3) from Samsung's website. I haven't figure out how to hack the firmware yet.

I do have SamyGO in my games folder on the TV along with Telnet Enabler in my children folder. Maybe I'm missing something.

My ultimate goal is to be able to alter the channel list so I can add channels that don't show up until I turn the antenna to that direction. Example: Channel scan shows 10 channels when the antenna faces north. Channel scan shows 5 channels facing south. I would like to have all 15 channels listed so I don't have to channel scan every single time that I turn the antenna.

Any help would be great! Also I hope I gave all the info needed. If not I'll post anything I missed.

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