kind help with UE46B6000VW

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kind help with UE46B6000VW

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I was reading through tons of pages before I am posting this (starting with Samygo for dummies), still I wouldlike to ask your help as I lost a bit.

I have a Samsung UE46B6000VW, T-CHL5DEUC-2007.0, detailed info on version attached to this post.

My problem is, that after all the4se readings, it seems, that I am one of the lucky ones, as:

- Old firmware
- CI (and not CI+)
- Uncrypted firmware

Before I change anything, I was trying to read through all posts, but I am missing the piece:

1., What should I do to have "Content Library" option, when the USB plugged-in to play SamyGO apps?
2., What should I do to enable to play video (not only photo and music) ?

What confuse me, that seems, my setup is perfect for SamyGO apps and no need to update or downgrade the firmware, so I thought it should work, but it isnt. Or I must be able to enable wiselink to have these features enabled? IF so, what are the steps I need to do ?(not the details as I am happy to read, just the required steps to ensure, I am not doign an uprgade or soemthing, which I make things just worst).
Also I had found other source where SamyGo seems to be integrated into teh firmware upgrade ( ), but I am not sure wether this solves the content library problem, or this is the correct way to go.

Or thsi model does not have the content library? If so, possible to add it with a firmware update or somehow ?

Could you help me please so I can understand what am I missing?

Many thanks for your your time, support and help,


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