Samsung B650 and option channels

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Samsung B650 and option channels

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the german PAYTV network SKY (and I think others too) use option channels which are only used if sports events are happening. If using an OEM receiver from the PAYTV distributor, you switch to a sports channels and use the option key of the remote control to select a match or camera perspective.

The option channels are broadcasted like usual TV channels but only while sports events are happening. So a channel search only does find them, if you scan for channels meanwhile.

Another possibility is to use the SamyEd tool by Polskafan.

But in my case only in theory.

The problem is that my TV removes these option channels automaticly without asking everytime I switch to a channel using the same MUX while the channels are currently not used. If I switch to an option channel while there is nothing emitted the TV shows a message "service unavaillable", changes the channel after a few seconds to another and the option channel becomes disappeared. If I switch to anything else on the same MUX, the option channels on it disappear silently without any messages.

Is there a way to solve this - with modifications in the (service menu) settings or in the channel list file anyhow?

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