Samsung LE32B651T3W (Series6)- Mode not supported Error

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Samsung LE32B651T3W (Series6)- Mode not supported Error

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hi guys,

i have a problem with my Samsung LE32B651T3W TV, it seems that my tv can?t find the best resolution....

ok, first i played some games on ps3...everything works....another day i would like to play some games...but this time my television welcomed me with the Message: Not Supported Mode, i thougt ok, reset the AV/HDMI Output on ps3, restart both, but the error is still there, i have played with both together for over 2,5years without any kind of problem. what i can say is, its not my ps3, because i have tested it with another TV, and plug in the hdmi cable and the ps3 let me choose the right resolution and everything works like always...but than on my Samsung TV nothing changed, its only the ps3, my PC works....

my question is: Has anybody the same error or an solution to fix this error...Samsung Hotline say its an error from the ps3, sony hotline say its Samsungs fault...

this have i already tested....
- tested with 3 HDMI Cables.
- Reset TV & PS3 to Standard Settings.
- Unplug the Power Cable for 1 hour on TV&PS3.
- start first TV, than PS3.
- start first PS3, than TV.
- Hold the EXIT Button on my Remote, and reset the AV Settings to Factory.
- Switch OFF HDCP on PS3.

but nothing works...

this can?t be true...Everything works for almost 2,5years...and than bamm...

hope this great community can help me to solve this problem.

(Sry for bad english grammar, =) )

best regards ScHeVeNs

btw. thank you so much for Content Libaray Apps !!!

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