UN56B7100 US version and PAL dvd

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UN56B7100 US version and PAL dvd

Post by ear9mrn » Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:30 pm


I have a UN56B1700 that was purchase in the US and I now live in Europe. I have a multi region DVD/Blu ray player but I cannot watch my European DVD (PAL) with this TV via HDMI. I have a hdmi PAL/NTSC converter and this works well but it would be nice if I could get this TV to natively enable PAL viewing. Is this a hardware issue or is there something that can be done with the fireware/software side with SamyGo.

I have T-CHE7AUSC-1018.1 firmware installed. From my reading of these pages it suggests that to get SamyGo installed I would have to downgrade to an older version. I am happy to do this if I am able to get the extra ability to play PAL dvd's natively.

Can anyone provide any idea of whether this is possible, even if the firmware has not been written yet, is it feasible or is it a hardware restriction. I would be willing to give writing firmware a go if it were possible.



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