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Sharpness under Service Menu... Help

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:45 am
by SanTheMan
Hi guys.

I have a problem with my tv, a 32B651, specifically this model: LE32B651T3WXXC, AA01. Back in the day I tinkered with the service menu and lost the configuration. All in all, I managed to leave things more o less as they were, except for the "SHARPNESS" values.

These values are under the "ADVANCED" submenu, accesible pressing "0-0-0-0" on the remote. If someone here had a TV like mine (or equivalent LNXXB650) and could take a snapshot of the sharpness values for HDMI and VGA input (you can cycle inputs inside service menu by pressing "INPUT" on the remote), it would be a blessing.

Even if it's not exactly the same panel, it'll be a good starting point to adjust my panel. Now all values are zeroed and the picture it's just not right.

Thanks in advance.