LE37B650 is not able to access widgets

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LE37B650 is not able to access widgets

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could sb. help me with my LE37B650 that is not able to reach any widget now? Due to troubles with the YouTube widget I have decided to install custom widgets, following instructions from http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/How_to ... gets_to_TV . I have sucessfully installed following widgets targeted at C series from http://lb.6f.sk/widgets/ (hoping it could work on my B Series TV too):
- nYouTubeHD3D.zip as a first (not working at all)
- 11101000005-3.132.all.youtube.zip (not working as well)

After these two custom widgets instalation I am not able to reach the widgets menu (when pressing the Internet@TV button). Each time I attempt to do so I get the message that the YouTube application is not supported and will be automatically deleted. Once confirming this message by "OK" nothing happens and the menu for widgets is not displayed.

Could you please advice what to do in this case, i.e. how to delete both C series YouTube widgets and how to enable working YouTube widget on my B series TV again? I even do not understand why the old YouTube widget stopped working some time ago and what needs to be done to get the YouTube videos back into my TV. Thanks for any hint.


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Re: LE37B650 is not able to access widgets

Post by fjizfujzhf »

LE37b650 Hay can someone please help I was in my service in the television menu inside and wanted my picture ferbesern now I have the broblem that no hdmi gets a signal in the end it's all just the hdmi would not be nice if someone could tell me how all standard settings in the service menu are or how to reset the service menu to default

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